Raspberry, Passionfruit & Prosecco Pure Fruit Preserve

Raspberry, Passionfruit & Prosecco Pure Fruit Preserve


We found these beautiful ripe raspberries on a local farm. We have removed half of the raspberry seeds to create a more delicate texture, we blended it with passionfruit pulp and infused it in prosecco to add a citrus floral aroma creating a harmonious profile; delivering to our luxurious confiture / preserve an alluring touch that taste like heaven. 

We called it the lover's delight. What we love about this wonderful preserve is the sweet slightly sour floral taste.

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine, also is the name of the grape and the region where is traditionally cultivated. 

All our preserves are made 100% with natural ingredients and without any type of artificial preservatives. To fully appreciate the complex flavours we suggest that once opened, keep refrigerated and enjoy within three months.

This preserve DOES NOT contain nuts but is made in a facility that may process tree nuts and peanuts.

Jar size: 7.5 oz

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There are a few starts to the day more delightful than a spread of our raspberry preserve on crispy golden buttered toast. Like many berries, raspberries have inherent dairy notes, which make them especially delicious with cream yogurt and soft cheeses like brie. 

Delicious on baked camembert, this jam makes a delightful topping for a puff pastry and an elegant dessert when combined with dark chocolate. Treat yourself, it's why we make it.