Raspberry passion & Jalapeño Jam

Raspberry passion & Jalapeño Jam


For this amazing, mouth watering confiture, we used the organic red raspberries that we picked, some organic jalapeño pepper that we got from the farmers market and of course we couldn't leave our dearest touch of tartness behind; the balance in between these two flavours profile comes from the passionfruit. We have removed the jalapeno seed just to have an ending spicy taste and smell of the jalapeno in our wonderful confiture. 

In every jar, you will find a well balanced lively, vibrant profile with a harmonious sweet-tart flavour upfront with a pleasantly sharp taste and piquant appetising note at the end of each bite. 

All our preserves are 100% made with natural ingredients and without any type of artificial preservatives, to fully appreciate the complex flavours we suggest that once opened you enjoy them within three months.

This preserve DOES NOT contain nuts but is made in a facility that may process tree nuts and peanuts.

Jar size: 7.5 oz

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We spend a beautiful afternoon in a local raspberry orchard carefully collecting raspberries, lively and vibrant raspberries to use in our wonderful confiture. We were so excited to experiment and play with the different flavour profiles that raspberries are characterized for, we decide that the perfect contrast would come from the spicy jalapeño. 

We love this confiture on a grilled cheese sandwich, as a perfect savory glaze for pork and shrimps, heavenly delicious with chicken brochettes or simply with cream cheese on a cracker, as a canape.