Mango, Passionfruit & Rosemary Pure Fruit Preserve

Mango, Passionfruit & Rosemary Pure Fruit Preserve


Mango and passionfruit are meant to be together and the rosemary adds just a little extra touch of the unexpected, this preserve not too sweet is the perfect accent for a juicy salmon filet. 

All our preserves are 100% made with natural ingredients and without any type of artificial preservatives, to fully appreciate the complex flavours we suggest that once opened you enjoy them within three months.

This preserve DOES NOT contain nuts but is made in a facility that may processed tree nuts and peanuts.

Jar size: 7.5 oz

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At the plantation we have healthy evergreen mango trees, we feed them with organic compost and nature do the rest, these trees have years and years in our fields, delivering with love every time their succulents, mouth-watering fruit.

When ripe mangoes taste sweet and have fruity creamy and floral flavours with a hint of resin, that makes a harmonious match with passionfruit.

We dreamed for a while with this combination of flavours and finally, we put something exceptional together. 

We combine the creamy sweetness from the mango, with the fruity fresh taste of the passionfruit and the aromatic, earthy flavor of rosemary, the result: an extremely delicious preserve that will bring you back to summer every time. 

We create this extremely lovely preserve by macerating the pulp of fresh mangoes and passionfruit, cooked very slowly to keep the tropical flavours intact throughout the heating process and we have added an earthy note of fresh organic rosemary at the end.

We love to pair this preserve with cream cheese, smoked salmon and a final touch of some chives streams on a water cracker as a canape.