Clementine rind, Passionfruit & Amaretto Marmalade

Clementine rind, Passionfruit & Amaretto Marmalade


Clementines share the pleasing sweet-sourness of sweet orange, although the rind has a noticeable herbal accent and passionfruits are sweet. What makes this confiture so full-flavored and interesting is the contrast in between the sweetness of passionfruit and bitterness from the clementine rind.

This marmalade is one of my personal favorites, brings memories of my childhood when I used to visit the plantation on Sunday's with my dad, it was so much fun running through the trees being silly and getting lost in what I used to see as an immensity, the feeling of the vast nature in front of me. My dad used to love getting clementines from the trees for me. 

All our preserves are 100% made with natural ingredients and without any type of artificial preservatives, to fully appreciate the complex flavours we suggest that once opened you enjoy them within three months.

This preserve DOES NOT contain nuts but is made in a facility that may processed tree nuts and peanuts.

Jar size: 7.5 oz

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Creating this enjoyable preserve is an act of love, the whole process takes around 2 full days, we start by pre-cooking the clementine rind and then macerating it with the pulp of passionfruit in sugar for 24 hours, finalizing next day by cooking all the fruit mixture together and adding the rich touch of amaretto. 

You will find in this marmalade a glorious comforting flavour and invigorating rich aromas.

We like this marmalade to be soft set with large pieces of zest; it looks and tastes amazing on a toast with a side of cheese, hard-boiled eggs and a huge cup of cafe au lait the perfect morning!