Artisan Preserves & Pure fruit Jams



Artisanal Preserves

& Pure Fruit Jams


Welcome! Hacienda Del Sol Food Artisans is a gourmet preserve company in Massachusetts and a century family-owned farm in the heart of the Caribbean: the Dominican Republic. 

We handcraft high-quality fruit preserves, jams, and marmalades in small batches using a combination of fresh fruits from our plantations along with locally grown fruits from New England farms. We exquisitely pair them with wine & spirits from around the world, creating a perfect symphony of flavors. 


True culinary jewels 

In our signature jams we feature the wonderful intoxicating aroma and luxurious flavor of passion fruit.

Most of our preserves are handcrafted with fruits that we grow in Hacienda del sol, Dominican Republic, and that our growers carefully handpick every week. 

To enhance the flavors of our tropical fruits we enjoy pairing them with fruits, spices, and herbs from New England local farms as well as spirits from around the world creating harmony among unexpected flavors; an exclusive small batch of true culinary jewels. 

All our products are a 100% natural; do not contain GMO ingredients, corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors, artificial preservatives, fillers or pectin. 


Made by hand in very small batches. 

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We are passionate

About creating preserves with multiple personalities, apart from their traditional use on a toast, our preserves are perfect to complete the climax of a cheese and wine pairing, to enhance the taste of fish or meat, to add personality to a simple yogurt parfait or to be enjoyed in a cocktail.

We Believe

In the purity of what we introduce in our bodies, every single ingredient in our preserves is completely natural and fresh. Our artisanal preserves are made by hand in very small batches. 

We believe in family, hard work along with kindness. We believe in those who work every day from sunrise to sunset nurturing and sowing the land. 

We celebrate the fruit of their hard work. We also have a deep love and understanding of nature and the joy of food, how eating brings us closer. We believe that there is a tight association with food, love, and family. Food is life. The art of preserving is a loving act. The future of our generations lies in many agricultural fields across the world. 

The art of preserving is a loving act. 

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A Unique Story 

This adventure begins with Ana, overseeing the passionfruit harvest where she received a passionfruit preserve as a gift, made with the fruits of the family plantation. When she tasted it, she was immediately delighted with the fresh taste and deliciously intoxicating aroma of the preserve.

At that precise moment, she knew that she had found a way to interweave her love for nature and her passion for artisanal gourmet food. Hacienda Del Sol was born